This home is a spectacle of the achievements of contemporary construction. Built to withstand time & the elements, the house, standing stalwart, opens out to a 270 degree waterfront view of surrounding Ram's Head Island.

Originally envisioned as a Greek revival styled home, along the way plans for new construction radically changed. We needed to build something to fit the space & take better advantage of the views. The final result: a house more contemporary 'artchitecture' than traditional home. The house has changed hands since we first built it in 1991. We've since gone back to change the original garage into a pool and then the pool into a media room.           


Photos & Details

  • Cedar outdoor siding with mahogany accents & structural and technical additions
  • Ext. Tech Addition: roof water system conceived w/ chainlinks connecting the gutter to an underground dry well
  • Inverse pitched front porch roof
  • Custom rounded heather inside made by hand with wet soft wood, opens to reveal a domed ceiling 
  • Custom wood & metal constructed main stairway, brought together by gabled wiring
  • Upstairs hallway - long + narrowly built, custom white paneling, entire sky light roof
  • Interior Tech Addition: Windows in the upstairs hallway hand operated and controlled by crankshaft 
  • Exterior upper balcony, staircase, & walkway with magnificent views of the water