A truly traditional new construction and build in 2003, this bayside single-family cottage beach home situated at the furthest edge of Big Ram’s Island was built to endure. Maintaining its charm during even the whipping winds of Nor Easters, the lightly weatherworn cedar siding gives a nod to the natural beauty of seaside living. Featuring a nearly 360 degree view of the water, this Shelter Island home belongs just as much to the land, as it does to the sea.

Moving from the portico windows inside the actual house, the interior is subtly reminiscent of Monticello. Timeless fixtures, with modern improvements encapsulate the space creating an air of history & purpose. This is good country living, only on the water. 


Photos & Details

  • Drop-down mechanized chandelier
  • Three story wraparound balcony
  • Custom paneling in the living room for built-in fireplace
  • Commercial firer built into kitchen fireplace


  • Custom bathroom tiling
  • Built-in jacuzzi on wraparound back porch
  • Fire-raided door separating mechanical room
  • Kid's bedroom complete with built-in ladder to access upstairs sitting room
  • No basement: built so water can flow underneath